After You Are Hired

The Pre-hire process:
Upon receiving your offer for employment at EAMC, you will receive a call from a Human Resources representative to schedule a time to complete your new hire paperwork. You will need to bring the following with you to this appointment:

  • Drivers License
  • Professional License (Ex. RN License, Dietitian License)
  • Social Security Card
  • Voided Check
  • Tax Information
  • Immunization Records

New Employee Orientation Day:
Hospital-wide orientation is offered every two weeks on a Monday beginning at 7:45 am and usually lasts until 3:30 pm. Lunch will be provided for you on orientation day, and the dress code is business casual. It is recommended to bring a light jacket, since room temperatures may vary. This is a relaxed, fun day that will help you gain insight on the organization, benefits, the EAMC culture and much more. Orientation is held in the Health Resource Center across the street from the hospital.

Click here for a map to the EAMC Education Center (former HRC).

Day 2:
The first work day at EAMC will be different for each employee depending on what department you work in. You will receive a calendar at orientation that will outline your first 2 weeks. It will tell you what to wear and where to report on your first day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your hiring manager or your HR recruiter.

Scott Robinson (Engineering)
I just attended orientation back in June, and it was fun. It had a lot of interaction and wasn’t boring. I like the fact that Terry was there. When they told me he is there every time, I was surprised because usually ‘the boss’ is too busy to be at things like that. It made me realize that he cares about who is coming to work here. Plus, it’s nice when you see him in the hallway; it gives you a sense of relationship. Overall, orientation was fun and thorough, and the lunch was good. Plus, if I had questions, they were ready to answer them. Orientation definitely wasn’t intimidating, and that was nice.
-- Scott Robinson (Engineering)