Best in Class

The true mission of Human Resources is not to create barriers. Our mission is to open gates, to find ways of getting things done and to facilitate the accomplishment of the organization’s mission.


Your Right To Work

  • Sarah Gray
    I have worked at EAMC for a long time. There are hundreds of ways in which EAMC has enriched my life. EAMC gave me a scholarship to attend nursing school, day care for my son, health/dental and vision insurance for my family, counseling to help through the rough patches, recognition for achievements, a way to build for retirement, opportunities for continuing education, and even movie tickets for my birthday! When EAMC began offering long-term care insurance several years ago, I realized how nice it is to have an employer that makes this kind of insurance available. Having had family members who have needed assisted living, home health, and other help because of their advanced age, or in one case, because of a disabling stroke in a younger person, I know the importance of long-term care. Now, I have the security of knowing that if I ever need this kind of care, I will have the funds to cover it. That gives me more confidence about the future because this insurance will give my family and me more options so that I can have the best care available without depleting their resources. That’s why this place feels like family to me.
    Sarah Gray
    Application Support
  • Jerry Walker
    I came to EAMC in 2004 after 30 years at a mill in Valley. I have found the hospital to be friendly and educational, and it’s a good place to work with great benefits. One thing I enjoyed this summer was working on the mission project in Auburn…it was nice helping someone else. I have found over the years that what you dish out always comes back to you, whether it’s good or bad. That’s why I always like to smile; it can go a long way in making patients and visitors feel good about their time here. Plus, I’ve heard the more you smile, the longer you’ll live.
    Jerry Walker
    Environmental Services
  • Jane Mayotte-Wilburn
    I have only been here since January of this year, but I have been a nurse for 19 years and I can tell you this is the ONLY place—and I mean that, the ONLY place—where your continuing education is free. I moved here from Michigan where we had to have 26 CEUs over a 2-year span, and that could easily cost you close to $1000. I was also a travel nurse in Arizona, and while there were benefits to being a travel nurse, education was not one of them. I’m a big believer in education, and I can tell that EAMC is also. There’s a big emphasis here on education, and the hospital helps you get it. I know one thing; I have been soaking up the education since I got here.
    Jane Mayotte-Wilburn
    RN (5T)
  • Dr. Steven Presley
    When asked, “What makes EAMC special?,” my first response would be that it’s clearly the people who make up EAMC! I have worked in six different hospitals during my training and career, and have never been a part of one where the level of teamwork is as strong as it is here at EAMC. The nursing staff, support staff, parahealth professionals, and all involved in patient care strive for excellence. The administration is responsive to physician and nursing needs, which improves patient care. I am proud of our facility and the level of care we provide. I would be pleased to have any of my family members cared for at EAMC.
    Dr. Steven Presley
    Internal Medicine Associates