Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor

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You need a primary care doctor. A primary care physician is the doctor you go to see when you’re sick, but also, ideally, the doctor you see at least every year for a check-up. Primary care doctors build relationships with their patients over the years and can look for symptoms that physicians not familiar with your health history may overlook. Also, your doctor can provide regular advice on healthy lifestyle habits you can start now for a healthier future with an improved quality of life.

Most primary care doctors specialize in family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics. Primary care doctors can provide education on healthy habits and catch early warning signs that may require further examination. For example, an annual check-up may pick up high blood pressure or indications of thyroid problems. These types of conditions could go unnoticed until you have a crisis, but a relationship with a primary care physician can help you avoid serious health conditions or illnesses.

Primary care doctors are trained to manage more than 90 percent of your illness and your wellness care, and can coordinate your care when specialists are needed.

If you would like to find a primary care doctor in the Opelika/Auburn area, use the Find a Physician database on this web site, or call 334-528-5926.