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Focus on Imaging and Radiation SafetySome radiology procedures may be unecessary and emit too much radiation. What you and your doctor need to know about imaging procedures and radiation safety.

"Time is Muscle" - Improving Heart Attack CareEAMC is diligently reducing "door-to-balloon" times for heart attack victims, thus improving outcomes and reducing damage to the heart muscle.

Preventing CRE and Superbugs at EAMCDr. Ricardo Maldonado and the EAMC antimicrobial stewardship team share what the hospital is doing to protect patients from superbug infections.

MOD and EAMC: A Healthy Baby is Worth the WaitEAMC and the March of Dimes have teamed up to promote the 39-Week initiative, reducing the rate of elective pre-term births. The Thrasher family of Auburn shares their story.

Exercise is Powerful MedicineLearn about Exercise is Medicine and other programs at HealthPlus Fitness Center that are proven to improve your health!

The Heart of the MatterHeart disease is the cause of death for more than 2,000 Americans each day. Learn your risk and what you can do to keep your heart healthy.

In Case of Emergency - East Alabama EMS and the Yellow Dot ProgramLearn about how our local ambulance and emergency medical provider, East Alabama EMS, works to save lives in the community. And, see how everyone can benefit from the Yellow Dot Program.

We need volunteers!The East Alabama Medical Center Auxiliary is looking for men and women to help in several areas of the hospital. The benefits of volunteering are numerous, so please consider joining us.

EAMC Foundation Celebrates 25 YearsThe EAMC Foundation marks 25 years of helping the hospital in its mission of high-quality, compassionate health care.


Coping with DepressionThis srticle discusses depression and treatment options for the illness. Also discussed are the recent improvements to the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at EAMC.

When a loved one has Alzheimer'sAs Alzheimer's disease affects more and more families, it is important to recognize the symptoms, know the treatment options, and how to access local resources.

Improving Care in the Emergency DepartmentEAMC Emergency Department (ED) staff and physicians work behind the scenes to improve the quality of care as well as the patient experience in the ED.

Understanding Arthritis and Related ConditionsDr. Christopher Adams and Dr. Adahli Massey, local rheumatologists, discuss the latest treatments for arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia.

An Anniversary with HeartEAMC marks the 25th anniversary of the first open-heart surgery performed at the hospital and takes a look at how cardiology and cardiac surgery have evolved over the years.

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are several activities in our area that raise awareness as well as funds for the EAMC Foundation's Breast Health for Underserved Women program.

Alabama votes on important legislation; EAMC Foundation gears up for Breast Cancer AwarenessHow the impact of the proposed constitutional amendment would affect healthcare in Alabama; also, information on the Foundation's upcoming breast cancer awareness month activities.

Are You Prepared? EAMC Is!EAMC continuously updates its disaster preparedness plan in order to assure that the hospital is ready for any type of adverse event. The hospital urges area residents to be prepared as well.

EAMC Invests in EducationTo maintain a highly trained and educated workforce to provide the most advanced patient care, EAMC offers employees (and future employees) many opportunities for continuing education.

Women get sleep apnea, tooWhen you hear 'sleep apnea,' most people picture a middle-aged, possibly overweight male. But women - even young women - can have the condition as well. You just have to be aware of the symptoms.

Fun in the Sun - Staying Healthy this SummerSummer is here and fun abounds, but so do health hazards related to sun, insects and water. Learn what you can do to maximize fun while minimizing illness this summer.

Volunteer opportunities at EAMCLearn how you can help EAMC in its mission of high quality, compassionate health care by joining its group of volunteers.

Comprehensive therapy for autism at RehabWorksRehabWorks offers speech/communication, physical and other therapies to help children with autism and related disorders.

Focus on Men's HealthMany men are not proactive when it comes to their own health. This article explores the most common threats to men's health and what screening tests men should have.

Tick-Borne DiseasesTick-borne diseases may be more prevalent this years due to many factors. Learn what you can do to avoid ticks as well as what to do should you or a loved one suffer a tick bite.

Improving Outcomes for Moms and BabiesLearn about what EAMC is doing to improve maternal and child health through prenatal care and quality and safety initiatives.

New treatment prevents esophageal cancer; treats GERDA new procedure offered at EAMC can improve symptoms of severe gastroesophagal reflux disease (GERD) and prevent esophageal cancer.

Oral, Head & Neck Cancer AwarenessAccording to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 52,610 new cases of head and neck cancers will be diagnosed in 2012, with an estimated 11,500 of those cases resulting in death.

Dealing with AllergiesIt’s here—that time of year when your car changes its color to yellow – pollen yellow, to be exact. And chances are, your car isn’t the only thing affected by pollen.

The Cancer Center of East AlabamaAn overview of the physicans, treatments, and technology used to care for patients at the Cancer Center of East Alabama

Colorectal Cancer AwarenessColon cancer is one of the most treatable and preventable forms of cancer, yet most people would rather not talk about it or get screened for it.

Focus on Medication SafetyLearn what EAMC does - and what you can do - to reduce the risk of medication errors.

Women and Heart DiseaseMany people assume breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women, but in reality, heart disease is the number-one killer of women.

Behind the Scenes - Preventing InfectionsEAMC employs many protocols to make it one of the safest hospitals in the state and the nation. EAMC was featured in Hospitals and Health Networks magazine for its success in reducing infections.

Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Therapy - Ann's StoryRehabWorks offers specialized therapy for individuals living with low vision/macular degeneration that can improve their quality of life and help them become more independent.


Yearly update for 2011 - EAMC FoundationA look back at how the community helped the EAMC Foundation provide new technologies and programs for the hospital during 2011.

A Fresh Start - Cardiac RehabilitationCardiac rehabilitation is associated with improved long-term recovery and can help patients live longer with fewer heart attacks.

Dr. COOL Now Helping Save Lives at EAMCDr. COOL is a new intervention being used at EAMC. It is therapeutic hypothermia, which lowers the body temperature of heart attack victims to greatly reduce the risk of brain injury as well as improve the odds of long-term recovery.

Make the Holidays Special - and HealthyThe EAMC Diabetes and Nutrition Center offers helpful advice on how to have a healthier holiday.

November is Diabetes Awareness MonthDiabetes is known as the “silent killer” because 1/3 of those who have it do not know it. Get tested so you know your risk.

Recovering from StrokeRehabWorks offers comprehensive, specialized therapy to help you or your loved one recover from stroke.