A chaplain is available for you around the clock at EAMC.

  • You may phone the Pastoral Services office directly from your bedside Monday through Friday at extension 1415.
  • You may ask your nurse for assistance.
  • You may dial “0” for the operator who will locate a chaplain for you.
  • In the evening and on weekends, your nurse or the operator can reach the on-call clergy for emergency requests.

To speak with a chaplain, please call the office at 1415 or ask your nurse to page a chaplain. Roman Catholic priests, interfaith chaplains, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist chaplains are available at your request. Oncology and Pediatric chaplains are available during weekday daytime hours. Representatives of other traditions may also be contacted through our office.

The EAMC Chaplaincy provides spiritual care to patients of all ages and their families, and to all staff members. Frequent situations to which chaplains are called include:

  • Patients/families in spiritual distress
  • New diagnosis
  • Treatment decision-making process
  • Changing the goals of care from curative to palliative
  • End-of-life issues

You will find a Bible placed in your bed stand by the Gideons. If you need a different translation, meditation material, or a Torah or Quran of your own, please call extension 1415.

Please note: while chaplains are present on patient care units, they may not be able to see every patient. Please ask to see a chaplain, rather than waiting for a chaplain to come to you.

Visits from your own minister

We work closely with community clergy and pastoral visitors who minister to their parishioners or congregants in the hospital. If patients indicate their denominational preference when they are admitted to the hospital, their names will be included on a Ministerial Clergy Census. Your name will be listed under your denominational choice where your visiting clergy person can find you in the hospital. You can choose NOT to be included in the Ministerial Clergy Census and your name will not be included. It will then be your responsibility to make your clergy aware that you would like a visit while hospitalized at EAMC.