Measuring Our Success

EAMC Measuring Success

Patient feedback is the “voice” that guides us and helps us understand where we need to improve. You may receive a patient satisfaction survey following a visit to one of our facilities. We use the following methods to gather and tabulate patient feedback.

  1. Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (HCAHPS) - The goal of this public reporting instrument, as stated by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services(CMS), is to provide consumers with information that might be helpful in choosing a hospital. EAMC reports 300 random HCAHPS surveys over each 12-month period. The first public reporting of HCAHPS results occurred March 2008. The data is available at Hospital results are refreshed on a quarterly basis.

  2. Within a few days of your hospital stay, Emergency Department visit or Outpatient visit, you may receive a telephone call (using the phone number you provided at registration or admission) from our partner, Healthstream Research. The interviewer will identify himself or herself as being with Healthstream Research, calling on behalf of East Alabama Medical Center. The call will originate from their center in Baltimore. You will be asked some questions about your experience while in our care. The survey will take less than 10 minutes. You have the right to refuse participation if you choose; however, please know that any feedback you provide helps us improve the quality of care and services. We value your feedback and appreciate your time.

  3. Not all patients receive a telephone survey call due to random sampling, so we created a place on our website where patients can enter feedback at any time. Click here or go to the homepage and click the link called “Patient Feedback” to give us your ideas and opinions. This will help us improve our services and/or recognize staff.