Critical Care

EAMC’s Medical and Surgical ICU area is a 16-bed unit, while our Cardiovascular ICU is an 8-bed unit. Patient care in both areas is jointly managed by medical and nursing staff. State-of-the-art care and intervention are provided to medical/surgical patients with multi-system involvement who are acutely ill and/or experiencing acute life-threatening episodes and to patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). Qualified, professional nursing personnel assure that patients receive detailed and specialized nursing care, continuous monitoring and comprehensive observation.

Our Critical Care areas include the following:

  • An 8-bed Surgical ICU
  • An 8-bed Medical ICU
  • An 8-bed Cardiovascular ICU
  • A 15- bed Cardiac Special Care/Telemetry Unit
  • A 20-bed Telemetry/CABG Step Down Unit
  • An 11-bed Progressive Care Unit

The Telemetry and Progressive Care Units are clinical areas that provide care for medical/surgical cardiovascular patients with potentially life-threatening conditions and/or patients that require particular care and who would benefit from continuous monitoring, close observation and comprehensive nursing care.