Inpatient Diabetes Care at EAMC Earns Gold Seal of ApprovalTM

Gold Seal of Approval

EAMC has earned the Gold Seal of ApprovalTM for healthcare quality from The Joint Commission. With the successful Diabetes Disease-Specific Care survey this past August, EAMC became the 1st program in Alabama—and one of the first 25 programs in the country—to be certified in Advanced Inpatient Diabetes.

"This accomplishment was a massive team effort with the Diabetes Disease-Specific Care Council and EAMC Diabetes and Nutrition Center staff leading the way," said Kathe Briggs, director of Health Promotion and Disease Management. "The surveyor was very complimentary of our overall organizational commitment to care of the patient with diabetes, use of our electronic medical record to document care to meet TJC standards, and our staff preparation for the survey."

Michael J. Lisenby, MD (EAMC Vice President/ Chief Medical Officer) was also complimentary of hospital employees following the survey. "I can think of no better demonstration of this organization’s commitment to its mission, vision and values than the recent recognition of EAMC by The Joint Commission as having met the standards to be the first provider in Alabama certified in Advanced Care for Inpatients with Diabetes." Dr. Lisenby adds that "This simply could not have been accomplished without all disciplines—clinical and supportive—working as a team and taking ownership in the care of our patients with diabetes. In the end, however, it is not the recipients of the awards and accolades that really win. It is our patients who receive the “high quality, compassionate health care” that enjoy the real benefit."

"I appreciate administration for allowing us to take on this certification as a strategic goal," states Briggs. "The journey to certification led us through many improvement opportunities, and we plan to look for ways to continue to provide high quality, compassionate health care to our patients with diabetes."

The Joint Commission launched its Disease-Specific Care Certification program in 2002. It is the first program of its kind in the country to certify disease management programs. A list of programs certified by the Joint Commission is available at