Room Scheduling and Utilization of Meeting Facilities Policy


To provide guidelines for utilizing meeting rooms and educational facilities (HRC).


This policy will apply to all space indicated on the List of Meeting Space (see bottom table)

Policies and Procedures

  1. All scheduling of space indicated on the List of Meeting Space must be booked through the Education Department located in the Health Resource Center (HRC). If the space is being booked for non-EAMC business, a Waiver of Liability form must be completed.
  2. Requests must be submitted either by using the Health Resource Center Information Request form located on the Intranet or by calling the HRC at 334-528-1260. Requests are reviewed promptly each day, with the exception of weekends. Upon approval of the request, a confirmation is communicated to the requestor. If there is an immediate or urgent situation regarding the room request, the HRC should be contacted at extension 1260 or 334-528-1260.
  3. The requestor may indicate his/her "preferred" meeting space location. The request will be reviewed and assigned based on the following criteria:
    - Size of group (# expected attendees)
    - Functional limitations/restrictions of the group of attendees and any other special needs (ADA, etc.).
    - Type of room setup specified by the requestor
    - Type of AV/media equipment specified by requestor
    - Type of food service specified by requestor
  4. All audiovisual needs should be submitted at the time the room is requested, either by Request Form or by phone. Multi-media projectors and laptop equipment are limited and are frequently requested items; therefore they are available on a first-requested, first-serve basis.
  5. Equipment, to include furniture, must be left in its original condition at the time of use. If damage occurs, replacement costs will be applied to the cost of the room rental.
  6. The Education staff is responsible for audiovisual equipment setup/use for the following areas:
    Health Resource Center: Azalea, Dogwood, Ivy, and Magnolia Rooms
    EAMC: Classrooms B and C
  7. The Education Department shall be notified of any cancellations of rooms and/or AV/media equipment as soon as the meeting/function is cancelled.
  8. The Education Department opens the calendar for the upcoming year in October. EAMC "standing meeting" requests submitted within the specified time period are booked first. A standing meeting is defined as an educational program, business meeting, or event that recurs every day, week, month or quarter at the same time slot each time. Example: ABC Group meets the 3rd Wednesday, every month, 11:00am – 2:00pm. Non-standing meetings are booked on a first come, first serve basis throughout the year, after all standing meetings are booked. Meeting space assignments and reservations do not automatically renew for subsequent years. Standing meetings may be booked for a maximum of 12 months and renewal must be requested. Non-standing meetings are booked for a maximum of three months and renewal requested as necessary.
  9. If a group scheduled for recurring meetings has two consecutive "no shows" without proper notice, the remainder of their meetings may be cancelled and require contact with HRC to request additional meeting dates.
  10. Meeting space at the HRC and the hospital classrooms are intended primarily for EAMC functions and business, especially during the peak demand times, which are primarily 7:00am-5:00pm weekdays.
  11. Non-profit or civic groups may request rental of EAMC meeting space but preference is given to those groups who:
    a) Are related to health or health care business
    b) Are sponsored or supported by EAMC
  12. EAMC does not endorse the use of its educational and business meeting space for personal birthday, weddings, wedding receptions, or other parties or showers.
  13. Hours of operation for the Health Resource Center are Monday – Thursday, 7:00am-9:00pm and Friday, 7:00am – 4:30pm. Meetings scheduled on the weekends will be scheduled only if staff is available, with an additional charge to rental fees. Fees must be paid before rooms will be placed in the room scheduling system;
  14. Classrooms in the basement may remain locked between scheduled activities. The requestor should contact Security to unlock doors.
  15. All rooms must be left clean and in the seating arrangement as found. The individuals using the space are responsible for cleaning up all materials (papers, pens, cups, etc.) from the meeting area. If food is provided by an outside delivery service, the user is responsible for cleanup and disposal of trash in the dumpster located at the rear of the HRC.
  16. When food is provided by an outside delivery service, EAMC is not responsible for supplies and products for purposes of liability, because of potential cross-contamination. A Release of Liability Statement for Food must be signed if food is not provided by EAMC catering service.
  17. All matters regarding food and beverages from EAMC catering should be handled directly with Nutrition and Food Services. Those requesting food and beverage service should contact 334-528-1126.
  18. The kitchen in the Health Resource Center is not available for public use. Use is restricted to the Nutrition and Food Services staff only.
  19. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be served or consumed in the Health Resource Center or EAMC classrooms.
  20. It is the policy of East Alabama Medical Center to provide a tobacco-free workplace and environment. This policy prohibits the use of tobacco in all EAMC buildings and grounds at both the Medical Center campus and at all off-site facilities.
  21. Candles or other items with open flame are not allowed in the Health Resource Center or EAMC classrooms. Chafing dish fuel gel commonly known as "Sterno" is not permitted in the Health Resource Center or EAMC classrooms.

List of Meeting Space

Meeting RoomStandard ConfigOptional ConfigCapacityAV/Media Capability
AzaleaRound tables(15) Elevated Lecturn Fixed set up90Overhead projector w/ theater sized screen , desktop computer, laptop capability, 2 lapel microphones, 1 free standing microphone, network access
DogwoodU-shaped conference, podiumFixed set up20Projector screen, wireless capability
IvyClassroom setting style w/ tablesFixed set up 32
MagnoliaTables with chairsFlexible set up; may be arranged to suit meeting type15Projector screen, podium, TV w/ DVD/VCR; wireless capability.
Computer Lab4 computers w/ individual separations Fixed set up4Intranet access only with educational modules
Classroom BClassroom SettingFixed set up32Ceiling mount TV, DVD/VCR
Classroom CClassroom setting with tables & chairsFixed set up72Overhead projector, large projector screen, ceiling mount TV w/ DVD/VCR, podium w/microphone
Computer LabClassroom setting; Fixed set up18PC, printer, stationary computer connected to overhead projector. White board, ear phones.
Outpatient Conference Room (2nd floor-outside Sleep Lab)Board Room setting; single table with chairsFixed set up12Telephone; wireless capability

Room and Equipment Fee Schedule

Meeting Room**Fees for weekdays
HRC8 hours4 hours2 hours
Azalea Room$300.00$150.00$75.00
Dogwood Room, Magnolia Room, & Ivy Room$100.00$50.00$25.00
*Computer LabNo fee
EAMC8 hours4 hours2 hours
Classroom B$100.00$50.00$25.00
Classroom C$300.00$150.00$25.00
*Computer LabNo fee
Outpatient Conference RoomNo fee

** Available to EAMC employees for educational use only.
** Rooms scheduled for weekend use will be assessed an additional $100.00.