Detox Unit

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What is an inpatient Detox Unit?

When someone who suffers from addiction to prescription drugs or alcohol decides to quit, the symptoms can be severe and may include vomiting or seizures. Inpatient detoxification allows the patient to be closely monitored throughout the process and given appropriate medication to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms.

Our Program

Our comprehensive approach to each patient’s recovery process includes a 5-7 day stay in the inpatient detox unit at EAMC-Lanier, and manages the process for patients as they transition from inpatient detox to a more long-term rehabilitation facility elsewhere.

Our detox unit opened in June 2017, and provides a controlled and medically supervised withdrawal from prescription drugs and alcohol for patients who are ready to begin recovery.

Highlights of the 10-bed voluntary unit include the following:

  • Supervision by a physician and nursing staff that ensures patients are as comfortable as possible during their detoxification
  • The program is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many other insurance providers
  • Support — the program helps patients with coping skills and prevention, in addition to helping them transition to a long-term treatment center
  • Daily one-on-one and group counseling services
  • A private unit that allows patients to step away from their normal environment. This includes no access to phones or TV and no visitors are allowed on the unit.
  • A day room where patients can interact with each other and participate in the group sessions

Is a Detox Unit needed here?

“The decision to open this unit was based on the needs of the region, and the state. This service provides a much-needed resource, and local patients no longer have to look outside of our area for medical detoxification. Plus, we receive referrals from throughout Alabama and even from out of state. So many people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and this is a completely confidential, safe way for patients to start the journey to recovery.”” – Eve Milner, V-P of Clinical Services at EAMC-Lanier

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Detox Unit