RadiologyAt EAMC

At EAMC, our imaging services include x-rays, CT scans (computed tomography), ultrasounds, digital mammography, PET scans (positron emission tomography), and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Imaging is the process by which radiation/sound waves/magnets are used to take “pictures” inside the human body so physicians can diagnose disease and injury.

East Alabama Medical Center’s department of radiology performs more than 100,000 diagnostic imaging procedures per year. However, not all procedures are performed at EAMC – our imaging services include a facility in Auburn (see Auburn Diagnostic Imaging).

Learn about the 3T MRI

At EAMC-Lanier

Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

  • MRI:
    • High Field 1.5 T System
  • CT: 64-slice helical system:
    • +CTA for Carotid, Mesenteric and Lower Extremity Vascular studies
    • +Small Bowel Enterography
    • +CT Urography
  • Mammography:
    • Low Dose Digital System
    • Age 40+ for annual screening
  • Ultrasound:
    • Breast,Thyroid
    • Carotid Duplex
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Kidney
    • Pelvis
    • OB
  • Lower Extremity Segmental Pressure Studies
  • Interventional Radiology Procedures
    • CT Guided Biopsy of Lungs, Liver, Kidney
    • CT-guided Abscess Drainage
    • Renal & Liver Cyst Drainages (US or CT)
    • Venous Vascular Interventions
    • +Ultrasound Guided Venous Access
      • – Central lines
      • – Tunneled central lines
      • – Dialysis access

EAMC-LANIER Hospital Radiology Services
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